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A Pooling Shade of Grey

When leading Australasian pallet and logistics equipment rental company Loscam was preparing last year to enter the New Zealand market, it needed to broaden its “palette” with respect to what colour to paint its pallets.

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2ic Software Grows in Thailand

With a modern logistics infrastructure rapidly taking root in Thailand, there has been a convergent need for effective pallet control software. As a result, supply chain participants such as Makro and Unilever are increasingly turning to 2ic Pallets for assistance.

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The Results Are In

Firstly, thank you to everyone who took part in our recent customer survey. Your feedback enables us to focus our business offering and product development in the areas that matter most to you and your business.

And now to the results… some expected and some unexpected

‘Reduced time & costs’ was nominated as the best benefit by 30% of responders, followed by ‘Reduced risk of losses’ with 25% of the votes.

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2ic Cloud Saves Precious Time For UK Giant, Culina Logistics

As the leading provider of high quality logistics services in the UK with over 50,000 CHEP, LPR and IPP Logipal pallet transactions to reconcile every month, Culina Logistics is committed to optimising new technology to improve business performance and ultimately reduce costs.

Hearing about 2ic Cloud as a new way to operate 2ic Pallets, Culina Logistics undertook a comprehensive trial to determine the cost benefits of making the switch from hosting 2ic Pallets on their own server.

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“Because we process transfers on each day, we are able to notify every vendor – again daily – of all of their pallets that we have received and transferred. This is handled automatically by 2ic’s email notification feature.”
Ms Jane Moraghan, Transport ULD Supervisor, Woolworths BRDC. Customer since 2005.

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