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2ic Software

2ic Software is a dynamic Australian headquartered IT company providing pallet control software for businesses in the supply chain.

In Australia, 2ic has enjoyed substantial and continued growth. Our lead product 2ic Pallets is a simple and highly effective solution to the range of serious problems that are inherent in using pooled pallets.

Now with an international focus, 2ic has customers New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and several Asian countries.

Our Australian origins have served us well. In Australia, the proportion of pooled pallets compared with one-way 'white' pallets is one of the highest in the world. Pallet users are liable for pallet losses, so pallet movements command a high level of scrutiny in Australia and there is pressure for the control software to perform well.

The proportion of pooled pallets throughout the world is increasing rapidly, and like Australia, a number of other countries are already saturated. Significantly, the dominant pallet pooling company in the world, CHEP, has its genisis in Australia.

Pallet systems are similar everywhere so 2ic Pallets works everywhere. In accordance with this our local-based coverage continues to grow with 2ic Software now having agents in the UK, Canada and the USA.

2ic's success with its lead product 2ic Pallets was recently recognised by winning the 2009 National iAward for the 'e-Logistics and Supply Chain' category.

2ic Software is proud to be certified Carbon Neutral

At 2ic Software, we believe that reducing our carbon emissions and becoming carbon neutral is an active way to address climate change.

Though 2ic products create minimal carbon emissions, as they are distributed online and therefore eliminate carbon emissions through manufacture, we still generate greenhouse gases through the running of the business.

We enlisted the help of Coolplanet to calculate our total carbon emissions. This included electricity, printing, paper waste and staff travel, in particular car hire and aeroplane flights.

Aeroplane flights are the single largest contributor to our carbon footprint, and have accordingly prompted the biggest change to our business practices. We now strongly encourage remote control training for new customers, via our 'live support' system, in preference to onsite visits. One-on-one remote training in fact works best, so everyone wins, including the planet.

We are also doing more and more software demonstrations online rather than in person.

Other changes have also been implemented to further reduce our carbon emissions. The remainder have been completely offset through the purchase of carbon credits from several carbon abatement projects. For more information, please visit www.coolplanet.com.au


“Without 2ic Pallets it would be totally impractical to do what we are doing and to get the results we are achieving.”
Ms Belinda Field, Materials Handling Manager, Star Track Express. Customer since 2005.
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